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  • LIVINCOOL is Emanuele d’Angelo’ side project, an italian photographer based in L.A, California. Snapping famous friends around the world seems to be the reason of his motto LIVINCOOL. The collection “WORLD” might be dedicated to the outrageous numbers of miles he’s constantly doing around the globe, when his “WAVY” collection sings his love to Hollywood and the Californian hills. How could we speak of Emanuele without mentioning Emily, his long-time friend, muse and collaborator. Always up to put on a cropped tee or hoodie between two photo shoots. She clearly became his brand ambassador, for our greatest pleasure. You can already spot his collection on Regina Anikiy, Tina Kunakey, Winnie Harlow, Duda Almeida, Travis Scoot or Dwyane Wade. Thank you Emanuele, thank you Emily Ratajkowski.

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