Porter Yoshida

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Porter Yoshida is a renowned luggage company based in Tokyo, Japan. Kichizo Yoshida, the founder, started in 1935 what was going to be Porter Yoshida nowadays. He learnt from the experience that “a bag should first of all be a tool to carry goods”. In 1962 the first private brand PORTER was launched. The name PORTER was taken from “porters” who handle customers’ bags at hotels. In 1983, the “TANKER” model was released, mostly duffle bags and shoulder bags inspired by the flight jacket MA-1 of the U.S. Air Force. Even tough the military look didn’t sell well at first, “TANKER” has become a product that represents the PORTER brand today. Porter Yoshida bags are made in Japan and crafted from very resistant fabrics. Porter have already been collaborating with names such as Stone Island, WTAPS, Supreme, Comme des garçons, fragment design and so on. Discover the whole Centreville selection online now.

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