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Still By Hand is a Tokyo based label and has been in the business for over 15 years. They care about details, fabrics and provide the finest men’s wardrobe essentials. Designer Yusuke Yanaghi started the brand In the year of 2000 after returning home from his study in the U.K. and working for a Japanese company for a few years. He initially started producing small collections in this year and then in 2009, when the company Style Department was established with the brand, full collections were presented.
Still by Hand is in its 10th year of production. Its attentively-put-together clothes have been well received and are currently carried by around 60 select shops, such as Steven Alan JAPAN (UNITED ARROWS), inside its own country.
Since it decided to go international in the year of 2015 and introduced its newly-sized collection aimed at the international market, it has had 6 successful seasons in Paris and NYC and, as a result, started working with over 50 exquisite stores in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.
Still by Hand brand basic rules are to make its products with Japanese fabrics, in Japan, with an open-minded approach to the colours used. The nature of the country, which is vertically fairly long and has distinguished four seasons, always has a significant influence on what it creates.