The multi-faceted rise of Arte Antwerp

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That is an obvious sign of the times that the belgian art scene is cutting across a golden period. From Damso to Hamza through Shay and Green Montana, artists from the flat country keep increasing their reach on a global scale. In the same way, Bertony Da Silva stands out from the crowd giving his own label plural lines. Focus on Arte Antwerp rise :

Richness & diversity

Over the years, Bertony has proven he could adapt to a changing market. Adding new pieces each season and constantly delivering the most versatile collections, Arte remains also extremely relevant in reniewing its clothing lines while keeping a strong and unique philosophy. Diels tees, trevo pants, porter pants, joey puffer jackets … this year the set offers both complete and interchangeable outfits for needs of all types. Hence reaching multiple audiences, it is no coincidence that Arte is effectively growing. The late collaboration with Samsung witnesses also the impact and the exposure the brand has had for a while now.

A growing community

Designing clothes does not retain the crowd. To create a community, a brand needs to provide consistency, quality as well as relevance. Arte has managed to steadily gather all three through its lifetime to become a genuine reference in the fashion world. But among the many existing actors, its differential advantage is definitely the affordability. Competing with high end labels, Arte sets itself apart on a medium-range segment at accessibles costs. No matter the item, everyone can easily come out ahead without breaking the bank.

Strongly bonded with the street culture

There is nothing new in declaring the inextricable nexus between fashion and urban culture – or let’s say more precisely hip-hop culture. Contemporary rappers have grafted their art and image on a bunch of clothing brands to even become their intrinsic ambassadors. To cite only a few examples, Drake with Stone Island, Aminé with Arc’teryx, Koba LaD with C.P. Company and more officially, Jack Harlow with New Balance, … In this framework, Arte got spotted on several big names in the industry such as Damso in summer festivals or Freeze Corleone in Paris – notably behind the collab Arte X 667 – but also across the Atlantic on Brent Faiyaz latest vids.

Considering the road taken, the Arte Antwerp rise speaks volumes about its huge achievement and is not yet ready to fade away. Keep your eyes peeled !

Written by Sidney Vertongen

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