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Over the past 50 years, Stone Island’s big brother – CP Company – has been putting innovation and functionality at the core of both fabrics and dyeing techniques. Genuine forerunner in menswear, the Italian label will obviously come on strong for many years to come. 

Tracery series

As each season comes along with new designs and conceptions, 2021 will not derogate from the rule. Again this year, CP Company is more likely to win hands down with its upcoming collections. Inspired by the word « Tracing », the Tracery Series dropping this Fall/Summer edition embody the sublimation process through the creation of garments. More specifically, the whole line puts the stress on the construction of different layers giving a bunch of gradual tones obtained with coloured prints. Using its so called Memri Fabric (that is basically a nylon microfibre), this technical method uses both pressure and heat to create shades of volumes on a pre-sewn fabric resulting in unique color plays with stepwise patterns. Moreover, C.P. Company utterly redefines the construction of fabric features through rain barrier and breathability. 

British Ventile®

In addition to the Memri, the Ventile® has also been integrated in the composition of the collection. Entirely made of natural cotton, this sophisticated textile offers all-round performance for sustainable and reliable clothing designs. Highlighting slow fashion, all products using Ventile® ensure windproof protection and robustness: When getting damp, the fibres expand to make the fabric hermetic. Embedded in the staple Goggle Soft Shell or in the Logo Badge Jacket for instance, this technology pledges durability overall.

Undisputed leader in dyeing techniques, C.P. Company does not stand on the sidelines at all when it comes to innovating through technologies. This goes without saying that it does its bit towards giving new perspectives to high-end streetwear these days. Find out more about the brand’s collection here and in store.

Written by Sidney Vertongen.


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