Clarks : Amongst the deans of shoemakers


Founded almost 200 years ago in South West England, Clarks falls within the frontrunners of footwear. Since 1825, the British craftsman from Somerset has been focusing on high-quality materials, technologies and techniques to manufacture adapted shoes for contemporary requirements. Notwithstanding his advanced age, it has never fallen into oblivion. Contrariwise, its intent to stay up-to-date with the identical corporate culture has brought the label far in the fashion world, but also in the streetwear bubble.

Turning classics into timeless icons

In the beginning, Clarks used to craft slippers before designing shoes. Created in 1970, the Originals Wallabee is nothing less but the quintessential silhouette of the brand. Designed on a crepe sole, this moccasin-style shoe has been catering the public expectations over generations. Never obsolete, the minimalist yet fancy and super-adaptable design of the Wallabee has successfully established itself as a household name for everyday use.  This year, Clarks adorns its classic with a blue and off white camos colorways. On the other hand, its Desert Boot has also taken a significant place in the industry. Born a few years before, it became a veritable accessory of the mod subculture in the ‘60’s in London. Even now, the shoe remains broadly dominant and will obviously stick around in the coming years as another signature of the brand. 

A highly sought-after partner

As time goes by, Clarks has built up long-term relationships with a set of labels in order to twist its pieces in different directions. The customized versions of the shoes seamlessly offer the hybrid combination of two various cultures that are in tune with each other. Aimé Leon Dore, Supreme, Carhartt, Bape, Kith, … They all have joined forces with the British shoemaker to redesign the iconic shapes of the brand. Even Drake’s label OVO worked together with Clarks last year to provide a made in Italy Wallabee. But despite reworking the patterns of its classics, the brand’s philosophy stays true to its roots. 

A year after the appearance of Sebago on our desk, another footwear specialist comes on stage with us.

Written by Sidney Vertongen.


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