Arc’teryx : Performance and technicality at their finest

Arc'teryx performance beanie toque bird

Arc’teryx : Performance and technicality at their finest… Widely spread and recognized in North America as an icon for outdoor athletes, Arc’teryx gets now acquainted among the street culture pretty much everywhere in the world. Founded in 1989 by Dave Lane and Jeremy Guard, the Canadian label from Vancouver – whose intriguing logo represents Archaeopteryx, the fossil of a dead bird -earns respect without being overbearing.

Peak efficiency

Reliable, innovative and enduring, the Canadian label is designed to cope with the most challenging and extreme weather conditions but also to satisfy adventure enthusiasts. Hiking, climbing, backpacking, Arc’teryx has a wide range of activities and expands its horizons each season. Made from hardwearing materials and functional gear, every collection redefines the feasibility of resistance and durability. Throughout the years, the brand has approached research and development as the core issue of the project itself providing adapted equipment for specific needs and expectations. Be that as it may, the minimalist designs are never forgotten in the process making Arc’teryx also a wearable label for daily uses.

Swept into the hype 

For a while now, the label from British Columbia has known an exploding demand and is not only worn by hardcore climbers anymore. Out of the blue, Arc’teryx Performance has been launched in the streetwear space by matching both urban needs and contemporary lifestyle. Cosigned by Travis Scott, Drake, Frank Ocean or even Virgil Abloh, the fossil-inspired logo provides a brand new normcore aesthetic in very subtle and seamless way. Recently, it has even opened its first European flagship store in the heart of Covent Garden in London. But despite welcoming a whole new audience and becoming extremely popular in the bubble, it remains devoted to its community before any fashion trends.

This year, we add Arc’teryx to our roster in store and online. One thing is for sure: winter does not stand a chance against you !

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