Birkenstock : Everlasting sandals icons

Birkenstock sandals Brussels

Tracing their history over more than two centuries, Birkenstock sandals can easily be considered as genuine pioneers in the shoemaking industry. Yet, besides making icons in multiple alternatives, their whopping step up in the realm of fashion has been quite fresh. Featuring a bunch of unexpected collabs with high-end experts, the German label born in Neustadt bites deep with contemporary makeovers.

At the core of functionality and comfort

Started on a small scale in 1774, Birkenstock was nothing but a local family business that was intentionally founded for orthopaedic needs. Over the years, it has slowly become a key figure in the fashion landscape for always staying up-to-date. Nowadays, it is obvious that comfort is still key to success and that it starts at the feet. Functional above all else, Birkenstock remains remarkably relevant in the current context thanks to its timeless holdings. The permanent silhouettes offer variable options not only for home needs, but also for city walks and day trips. Built on a cork sole with a suede footbed, Sandals from Birkenstock give maximum support with sustainable solutions.

In the eye of the streetwear sphere

Caught by the hype, Birkenstock also puts a new twist to the footwear design by collaborating with high-profile actors in the fashion industry. Stüssy, Dior, BEAMS, KITH – to name just a few – have all recently teamed up with the sandals expert to explore a new section on the market. In the midst of this change, the Arizona & the Boston were reimagined in several makeovers without removing the brand’s identity. What is more, the takeover of Birkenstock by LVMH last year witnesses the ascent of the German label amid today’s requirements, and is more likely to drop additional hits this year.

Newcomers to our summer selection, Birkenstock sandals will definitely fulfill your needs for the warmer days ahead.

Written by Sidney Vertongen


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