Elevate your winter set with the goggle beanie from C.P. Company

Goggle beanie cp company

Founded by Massimo Osti at a younger age than Stone Island, C.P. Company embodies the mentor of urban sportswear for every streetwear expert.  There is no question that the Italian label has set the pace to remain a significant actor on the market nowadays. But more recently, one of the oldest pieces of the label has sledgehammered the whole industry to ever become one of the main hits of the year. Sure enough, the goggle beanie has been targeted as the ultimate accessory in the final stretch to 2022. Made with the finest merino wool in multiple color ways, the upgraded beanie comes along at just the right time for winter needs. 

Origins of the goggles

Both iconic and impactful, the design of the goggles – as well as the single lens – comes as the genuine signature of C.P. Company. The unique aesthetic makes every item completely unparalleled on the market and leaves no chance to confusion with other silhouettes or competitors. Drawing inspiration from the 70’s military uniforms from Japanese and Swiss field outfits and gears, the goggles refer to the anti-gas masks and functional protective hoods. At first, C.P. Company designed the so-called « Goggle Jacket » for a car endurance race in Europe back in 1988. Incorporated in a hooded windproof jacket, they were designed for racers to protect against rain and cold. Down the road, they have become the emblem of the brand’s universe to be translated through the whole catalog.  

Claimed by the hip-hop culture

The strong tie between hip-hop culture and streetwear leaves no room for doubt. Over the years, both have correlated to pave the way to a new skyline for urban culture. If streetwear labels are now completely integrated in rapper’s world, it is also obvious that some of them stand out to morph into new perspectives. The trend of the goggle beanie has come along with its use by several artists that have brought it to light making it pretty hard to get as of now. But despite, the increasing demand, its success won’t just stop here and is more likely to be extended for the whole winter season.

Christmas is next-door, be wise on Santa’s list and don’t forget your goggle beanie under the tree.
Written by Sidney Vertongen.


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