Stussy : Genesis of Californian streetwear


Californian at heart, the American label Stussy was founded in the early 80’s in Laguna Beach at the seaside of Orange County. Internationally known today, it first started from a deep passion for surf before becoming a true iconic streetwear label.

Closely connected to Hip-Hop 

Easily recognizable with its unique graffiti logo, Stussy is all about street culture turning its label into a philosophy or even into a lifestyle. When the founder Shawn Stussy started his journey in the fashion landscape, his aim was to give to the clothing industry the same perspective that Hip-Hop brought to the music industry. It is no coincidence that the brand’s first flagship opened in 1991 in the city of New York, real cradle of urban culture. In 2012, he even chose rapper   A$AP Rocky as a member of their tribe for their ultra-limited capsule collection. All along the road, Stussy Brand has been putting all together to create something completely innovative that no other designer did before. 

Collaboration through the veins

If the label draws various influences from urban culture, it also deeply connects to the « haute couture » that definitely plays a huge role in its development across the globe. Even if the majority considers the inescapable Supreme as the main brand collaborating with luxury labels, Stussy has been playing his cards in this area for a long time as well. Starting with G-Shock in 1997 and often cooperating with NEIGHBORHOOD and The HideOut, it recently joined forces with French designer DIOR. The unexpected collaboration delivers a whole new set of clothing showing once again how close streetwear and high-end fashion are nowadays. 

Alongside with Noon Goons, Stussy gives you the very best of California ready-to-wear apparel for a fresh start in summer days. It brings colour and life to your closet with long sleeves, hoodies, shorts, bucket hats and much more. Make sure you don’t miss out !

Written by Sidney Vertongen


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