Stussy : All set for Summer ’22


We all know Stussy for the Californian air that the brand has been blowing for more than 40 years. Pionneer of skatewear and genuine linchpin in the streewear bubble, the label from Laguna Beach reaches at present new heights in the fashion landscape. The new Stüssy Summer drop is one-of-a-kind and has a full range of hits to make the best of your closet for the summer season. Let’s see this more closely.

The top notch summer capsule

Even if Stussy has got us used to plenty of versatile collections over the years, this one takes a different form. More balanced, sewed in diverse fabrics, garnished with variances of patterns and graphic lines, the new lookbook is not there only to look nice but to entirely refresh your wardrobe. Inserting cargo pants, oversized trousers, baggy jeans, shell jackets, printed vests and more, the whole set emphasizes on a minimalistic design to offer various combinations. Within the sewing techniques, Stussy Summer Collection has customed the crochet in different tops making it a a full-fledged look. From Stussy crochet knit shirt, to mesh zip hoodie through pigment dyed loose gauge sweater or even checker beanie, the collection makes sure there is a piece for everyone.

Back to its roots

The campaign itself smells like home for all the Stussy purists out there. Along the dyke, the lookbook brings us to the Californian Coast where everything started for the label. With the sea as a backdrop and two nineties cars on both sides, each shot sets the scene with a vivid picture that reminisces the origins of the skatewear expert. Simple but significant, Stussy performs subtly in the light to remain faithful to its first steps in the fashion world. Summer 22 already feels like a day at the beach.

The last delivery from Stussy has newly dropped in Centreville. You can now add it onto your shopping list.
Written by Sidney Vertongen






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