New Balance : The must-have sneaker

New Balance 991 990 327 shoes

Initially founded by William J. Riley in the city of Boston in 1906, New Balance was the very first manufacturer to ever design customized shoes that would meet orthopedic needs. For years, the American label has been expanding its reach to always bring more comfort to athletes. Nonetheless, despite being mostly known as a running shoe nowadays, New Balance also plays hard in the streetwear bubble with high quality products and a bunch of genuine collaborations.

Know-how from the USA and the UK

When it comes to delivering quality products, New Balance also punches above its weight. In fact, designers and engineers connect to create robust, durable and aesthetic goods for casual uses. Producing in limited quantities in both American and British factories, the brand surrounded itself with the best to bring qualitative yet affordable sneakers on the market. Fixed on chunky rubber soles, made in premium materials and textures, those models have become veritable iconic silhouettes lately. Amongst them, the timeless 990, the noticeable 991 or even the contrasted 992 – Steve Job’s favorite. 

The undisputed partnership expert of 2020

If Nike is often considered as the reference of modern collaborations, New Balance can also be quite proud of its contribution to this segment. Pairing with the most wanted labels, it has consistently changed the perspective of partnership and 2020 was a turning point for the brand joining forces with Aimé Leon Dore, Kith, Casablanca, Levi’s or even Patta. Mainly focused on sneakers, those collabs brought to light a pair of a New Balance 327, but also the 574 or the come back of the 550. Nevertheless, the philosophy remains in line with its true identity and never compromises its heritage.

If 2020 was a hell of a year for New Balance shoes, 2021 will also open the door to many discoveries. Furthermore, a set of clothes has also landed into the store giving you colorful alternatives for the brighter days to come. Stay with us. 

Written by Sidney Vertongen.


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