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Conquering the streetwear bubble and connecting all kinds of contemporary arts together, Arte Antwerp fills its cloakroom with elaborate items to accommodate all the needs from casual wear to tailoring. Rewarding the brand creator Bertony da Silva with the trophy of the Belgian Fashion Brand of the year at the end of 2019, the label from Antwerp is not done with dazzling and delighting the evolving public hopes and expectations. 

Into the blue 

Furnishing the gallery with a whole bunch of easily combinable components, Autumn/Winter 2020 collection of Arte Antwerp  puts a greater emphasis on subtle shades and textures of blue. From jackets to hoodies through jeans and long sleeves, the drop contains an extended clothing rack of ready-to-wear items. Also, the assortment gets you prepared for the upcoming cold months with warmer pieces. In addition, a brand new graphic line takes shape through basics in black, white and grey colors for sober uses. 

Singularity and minimalism

Always in line with its streetwear philosophy, Arte Antwerp delivers ready-made sets and pays a special attention to the innovative process of the clothes production. Indeed, creator Bertony Da Silva steps up his game by always looking for noble raw materials, variant color plays and timeless designs. Aiming the collections to young fans as much as to an older target, the Belgian label claims to go beyond the frontiers of the uniformity of identification codes. Collaborating with the media VICE earlier this year to promote local artists, Arte flaunts the uniqueness of its storyline and keeps adding new strings to the bow. Simultaneously experimental and casual, the hybrid vision of the brand makes its own DNA. 

Besides all its promising singing and urban artists, the Kingdom of Belgium also has serious designers in its squad. But take our word for it, Arte Antwerp has many tricks up its sleeve. You’re not done with it yet !

Written by Sidney Vertongen.


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