Sebago : Revival of a classic 

sebago docksides portland

Probably lost in your childhood memories, Sebago was more than likely the brand you and your parents were wearing on your feet for summer vacations. Regularly spotted at each street corner, the popular loafers vanished all of a sudden in the mid-2000s. But these days, the Michigan-based label arises from the depths to restore its former glory.

The inescapable boat shoes

Initially designed for sailors in 1946, Sebago shoes were made to better cope with adverse weather conditions. Robust, lightweight and manufactured in high quality leather or canvas, the famous « Sebago docksides » could last a lifetime. In 1980 – Almost 40 years after its inception – it became a worldwide fashion trend that found a true place in everyone’s wardrobe. Today, the brand is not as present in the fashion landscape, but still delivers comfort and convenience for the maritime equipment.

Targeting youth 

Straight off the boat, Sebago explores new lands to bring its fame back on track. The label aims now at a young audience with brand new insights. Without leaving its classics behind, the current collections emphasize on new colour plays and fabrics in order to adapt to change. But Sebago has nothing of an isolated occurrence. Indeed, we have noticed a global return of iconic brands teaming up with streetwear specialists to give a second breath to their forgotten pieces. As an example we can definitely talk about Aimé Leon Dore joining forces with Timberland last year to deliver their unexpected leather boots. This year, the Teddy Santis label brings out its winter footwear in collaboration with Paraboot for a hiking shoe. Keeping the original shape, the outcome adds modern notes to the item. More recently, Sebago has also collaborated with Universal Works providing an hybrid Mid Boot with a more contemporary silhouette. 

Looking for non-sneaker footwear for winter ? Play the resurrector and give Sebago some life !

Written by Sidney Vertongen


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