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A kind of Guise

Although we often talk about Japanese designers as pioneers of their time, German A Kind Of Guise creators also deserve credit and recognition for quality-driven work and corporate philosophy. Less exposed with more sober notes, they always put words into actions in order to reveal timeless, yet distinctive and gold potential showings through each season.

The German thoroughness

Headquartered in the Bavaria’s capital of Munich, A Kind Of Guise hides a very specific story behind its brand. Indeed, what was initiated as a student project in 2009 rapidly turned into a major business a year after. Delivering the goods regardless of fashion trends, the two creators Yasar Ceviker and Susi Streich keep enhancing their business thanks to stable and promising guidelines. Essentially made in Germany in local manufacturers, every drop comes in limited quantities so as to guarantee excellence and exclusivity. Mixing raw materials, designs and fabrics, collections always make sure to bring original yet functional and enduring outfits. Additionally, they join forces with high quality fabrics’ producers such as Swiss EtaProof cotton, Steiff furs, Scottish Harris Tweed and many more to constantly step up their game. 

Spring/Summer 20 honouring Ghana

Through the perspective of innovation, AKOG fosters the development of its brand with new influences every year. The upcoming season brings to light the smiles and happy faces of Ghana in order to add even more colours for the summer days. Inspired by the urban silhouettes and outfits of the West-African country, the so-called Akwaaba collection gives a very fresh start to the clothing line by integrating the hustle and bustle of the city in the design. It will release among others Gioia shirts, embroidered t-shirts, knit polos and tailored trousers. Resulting in perfect combos for a hectic city walk or a day the beach. 

Shaping our shelves for years now, A Kind Of Guise Brand is still a young label but gives new tones to high-quality menswear. Wanna look both classy and casual? Take a sneak peek right here.

Written by Sidney Vertongen


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