Needles : The Butterfly logo label from Tokyo


For the time being, we all know what Japanese designers represent as high quality clothing providers. Alongside with Engineered Garments and created by the pioneer Keizo Shimizu, Needles is nothing less than Nepenthes main sub label. But despite a late blowout on the High-end scene a few seasons back, the brand has been on track for more than 20 years.

Luxury sportswear lineup

Mostly manufactured in Japan with local fabrics, Needles draws inspiration from the so-called « Americana » trends and products stressing military apparel, western-genre and vintage denim. Challenging the limits over and over again, Shimizu’s passion for clothing at a very young age has been leading his own label to deconstructed lines. The result rebuilds the definition of streetwear, but also brings a hybrid vision of Japanese and American aspects and patterns through a fully innovative work. 

The sought-after tracksuit

If Needles has entered into a whole new dimension latterly, its current success definitely leans on its indispensable tracksuit. Designed in loose cut with straight lines on both sides, the outfit blends colours and textures from track jackets to track pants. Pictured several times on Asap Rocky’s latest attires, the Needles tracksuit has rapidly become the next target for all the streetwear amateurs. Nonetheless, the Japanese label also delivers a bunch of diversified items such as flannel shirts, tie dye hoodies, rib collar jackets and much more. 

Vibrant, out of the box and timeless, Needles has already established a strong foothold in the market. Rooted in Shibuya in 1997, Shimizu’s label extends now its reach in the West with bright and promising outlooks. Already sold on the shelves of the streetwear industry’s major retailers, the brand makes a sensational start in Centreville this year. So, You know the drill, right ? Spread your butterfly wings and come say hi ! Take a look at our selection through our e-shop.

Article written by Sidney Vertongen.


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