Who’s behind MRC Noir called Marché Noir ?

M+RC NOIR clothing

This young Parisian brand with a very urban look that is second to none in establishing itself in the fashion industry. MRC Noir or still called Marché Noir, the brand is rubbing shoulders with the elites of the hip-hop scene.

As you may have noticed, we try to bring a breath of fresh air back to our brand portfolio every season It is important for a shop to renew itself and look for new gems that will provide a golden age in the clothing industry. In recent months, we have turned our attention to Marché noir, a label that is both visual and out-there : MRC Noir.
Known especially by young people interested in underground culture, the brand quickly received more attention on the back of big names in American hiphop culture such as Lil Yachty, Young Thug, Plaiboi Carti, Ian Connor and others…

This brand isn’t a basic one. Here is the story: Some Parisians had the idea to create a shop for men in Paris being accessible only through an on-site contact. What does that mean? If you wanted to find the shop while walking through the streets of Paris, you’d be sorely disappointed. You would have to know a member of the team to enter and find out where the shop was. M+RC Noir has understood the meaning of exclusivity as well as supply and demand. Wanting to merchandise their label, they drew some t-shirts that they gave to those in their close circle, marked with the iconic logo: MRC Noir. It didn’t take long for them to become known. Artists in Paris started to wear these t-shirts not found by the general public. So much so that they decided to focus solely on online selling close their shop. Always eager to remain hidden, a password is required to access their website.
One day is time enough for their stock to be sold out Fortunately for latecomers, Centreville Store has decided to introduce this pretty brand to their shops … Be on the lookout!



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