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Stone island Paintball Camo

Nowadays, streetwear is at the crossroads between currents and trends where Stone Island defines itself to be an industrial designer rather than a fashion artist. The Ravarino’s label has never stopped creating high-performance outerwear thanks to exclusive ways of making clothes. Delivering men-oriented items that can be both functional and unconventional, the compass logo brand puts everything together to mark its time and to leave its heritage in History. 

Since the very first steps, Rivetti’s will was to create his own language using the same DNA on an ongoing basis in order to remain true to self. Following oneself philosophy, the badge represents the recognition element of an elitist and distinguished community. But despite sticking to his roots, the director has kept looking for new designs, fabrics and textures fostering the brand’s identity through innovation and research.

FW 19/20 capsules lineup

Again this year, Stoney strikes hard with two Fall/Winter collection capsule.

Paintball Camo 

Designed with durable and robust materials to extend each garment lifetime, the Paintball Camo Cotton Cordura® gives new shades to Stone Island’s portfolio with imaginative techniques. Sewed into Cordura® cotton yarns and finished with paint shots, every piece is made to be exclusive and irreproducible. The finding blends colour dyes for a camouflage effect to single out through the urban jungle. 

Tela Placcata 

Using multiple resin colors and fabrics, the Tela Placcata capsule highlights treatment methods on both sides. By tinting with different colorways, the garments can combine up to five shades depending on the item. Made of ultra-fine cotton fabric, the line delivers comfortable pieces improved by wind resistant technology and anti-drop finish.

Both capsules contain full outfits – pants, jackets, parkas and more – including a fine selection of accessories to be subtly matched with. 

Relentlessly creating and innovating, Stone Island has no small talk. Its language speaks volumes. Available for purchase right here.



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